Structure v2
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String validations

  • required: can't be undefined (default: false)
  • empty: accepts empty string (default: false)
  • equal: * equal to passed value
  • minLength: can't be shorter than passed value
  • maxLength: can't be longer than passed value
  • exactLength: length must be exactly the passed value
  • regex: matches the passed regex
  • alphanumeric: composed only by alphabetical and numeric characters
  • lowerCase: all characters must be lower cased
  • upperCase: all characters must be upper cased
  • email: is a valid email (default: false)
  • nullable: accepts null (default: false)
  • guid: is a valid guid. You can pass a boolean or the options object accepted by Joi (default: false)
const User = attributes({
id: {
type: String,
guid: true,
token: {
type: String,
guid: {
version: ['uuidv4'],
initials: {
type: String,
upperCase: true,
maxLength: 4,
gender: {
type: String,
nullable: true,
password: String,
passwordConfirmation: {
type: String,
equal: { attr: 'password' },
greet: {
type: String,
required: true,
equal: ['Mr', 'Ms', 'Mrs', 'Miss', { attr: 'greetDesc' }],
greetDesc: String,
class User {
getFullGreet() {
return `${this.greet} ${this.initials}`;