Contributions are always welcome! When contributing to Structure we ask you to follow our code of conduct:

Code of conduct

In short: Be nice. Pay attention to the fact that Structure is free software, don't be rude with the contributors or with people with questions and we'll be more than glad to help you. Destructive criticism and demanding will be ignored.

Opening issues

When opening an issue be descriptive about the bug or the feature suggestion, don't simply paste the error message on the issue title or description. Also, provide code to simulate the bug, we need to know the exact circumstances in which the bug occurs. Again, follow our code of conduct.

Pull requests

When opening a pull request to Structure, follow this steps:

  1. Fork Structure;

  2. Create a new branch for your changes;

  3. Do your changes;

  4. Write tests for your changes;

  5. Check the coverage;

  6. Open the pull request;

  7. Write a complete description about the bug or the feature the pull request is about.

Be aware that we keep 100% of code coverage, any change that makes the code coverage less than 100% covered will be requested to write more tests.

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